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AC maintenance, twice a year ideally in spring and autumn can help you-

• Every household reaches its peak power usage in winter and summer months. One of the biggest power hog in your house is the AC. It sucks the lion share of the power that comes from the grid. Every year the power consumption for an AC increases due to it decreasing efficiency. However the good news is that proper care and maintenance can keep that unit running at up to 95% of its original efficiency. It can save you 25% on your power bills.

• It is quite a known fact that the repair costs of AC are almost 50% more than maintenance costs. Regular maintenance keeps the machine free from defects or eliminates them if there is any. As a result breakdowns or malfunctions happen very rarely.

• Many AC manufacturers require you to have maintenance contract for your AC to use the warranty. Remember repair costs and costs of replacements parts can be hefty if you have to buy them for their full retail prices. Warranties are significant cost saving schemes.

• Maintenance services ensure that you stay comfortable in the scorching summer months in your cool and comfortable rooms. Moreover, unmaintained ACs are not able to purify the air inside your rooms efficiently. Consequently the air becomes stale, full of aerial contaminants. This can give rise to allergies and respiratory disorders. So it is important to regularly maintain your AC units to prevent health hazards that can surface due to it.

If you are looking for company for annual maintenance of your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump for HVAC, then you will find the top names with us. Just browse the list on the website and chose any of them to get best-of class service.

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