Importance Of Having Hvac Professional Install Heat & Air Systems

When you buy an air conditioner for your home you have two thoughts in your mind. The first is comfort and the second is efficiency. For both you should buy a good model that may be a bit pricey but will meet your demands. The job does not end with buying. The installation of the unit is as important as buying it. You may think that you can install it yourself as that will save you some money. But it is always better to get a professional to install it. Improper installation can raise your utility bills by 30%. As a result the unit will not meet your efficiency criteria. The comfort can get compromised. This is can happen in various ways. For instance, you may not know the right size of cooler for your house. You could not end up with wrongly sized one, which will nor provide the right levels of cooling. Improper installation may call for pricey repairs repeatedly. Although it will take some money to hire a professional for installation, it is worth. Let’s take look at the benefits of professional installation-

The process becomes cakewalk

Installation of an air conditioner is no rocket science. But if you are inexperienced the task can become excruciating and arduous. You can also make endless faults while doing it. When a professional does it, it happens within some hours. It will allow you to sit back, relax and rest assured that your cooler will give you best comfort and efficiency. It will be time saving and keep you free of the stress associated with hauling the equipment to the proper place and then install it. The professional will also taste your new equipment for safety and performance.

You buy the right equipment

If you consult the technician right at the buying stage he will let you know the right size for your air conditioner by taking a look at your house and individual rooms. An expert will neither recommended an oversized unit nor an undersized one. Both can compromise levels of comfort and also skyrocket the power bills. Installing the unit correctly is also crucial for its durability. It will undergo less strain every time it cycles on. This will enable to live its life and you also get an optimum return on your initial investment without worrying about premature replacement. It will generate lesser bills of pricey repairs.

You get lucrative service guarantees

When a professional installs an air conditioner in your house, then they offer certain service guarantees for their job. They will give you free service in case of a problem with your new heating and cooling system. These issues could be related to workmanship of the installation, underperforming HVAC system or other technical issues. They will come ASAP to address your problem. Many contractors also have money-back offer in case of a problem.

The QI standards

We all know of the Energy Star label on energy efficient heating and cooling systems. The label talks a volume about their efficiency level. There is another standard called Quality Installation (QI) guidelines that stipulates the measures that one should take about installing these units. According to a survey approximately 50% all heating and cooling equipment in homes never performs to its stated capacity and efficiency because of improper installation. Therefore always call an expert who is familiar with QI guidelines and applies them when installing your equipment. The savings potential with QI ranges from 18% to 36% for air conditioners and heat pumps and 11% to 18% for furnaces.




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