How To Choose An Air Duct Cleaning Company?

Are looking for duct cleaning company? You will find a milling population of them. But how to know which is best? Well, here are some tips

• Before you hire duct cleaning company, always do enough research to know about it. If you find that the company has emerged in the market lately, you can talk to their staffs and know about their past experience.

• If you have friend or an acquaintance that recently got his/her ducts cleaned, ask him/her to give you suitable referrals of duct cleaners.

• The best way to know about a company is by getting enough feedback about it from its past clients. Ask the company to give you referrals. Call these clients to gauge their level of satisfaction about the company.

• In case you took a liking for a particular company visit their website and find out how long they have been in business, what are their USPs etc. Also read the testimonials of the customers about them.

• Get in touch with consumer affairs organization in your area to know if the reputation of the company is without any blemish. It should have minimal customer complainant and a good standing.

• All states do not require the duct cleaners to hold license. Call the NADCA or a government official to know if the cleaners in yours states need license. If yes, ask the company if it holds a license.

• Determine if the air duct cleaning company has liability insurance. This will protect you if the cleaners cause any damage to your property when cleaning the ducts.

• If you can hire a company which is member of National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), it is safe. Such companies are safe bait as they are trained and certified by NADCA and will abide by the rules of cleaning and restoring the HVACs. You can also contact the NADCA to know if the company has a good reputation in that case.

• If you ducts are ducts are contaminated with molds, then the cleaners will recommend employing chemical treatments. Using biocides will prevent future growth but there are not enough proofs about the fact whether their usage is free health hazards. If using it essential in your case, ask the cleaner to show you the product label so that you will know and therefore can verify its instructions for proper use.

• You should contact three companies and compare their services and process to select the best one of them.

• They should be willing to give you a written agreement that will exhibit all the costs. This will prevent future disagreements.

• Also know how long they will take to clean you ducts. You can therefore make necessary plans to leave the premises or make other arrangements if the cleaning will take several hours. It can take several days if the work is split up.



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