What Are The Ways To Maintain A Portable Air Conditioner?

It is true that having a portable air conditioner is of great convenience because you can easily move it from one place to another. Hence, you need not invest on a costly central air conditioning unit. Rather, a portable air conditioner will be sufficient as you can use it wherever it is required. But having a portable air conditioner will not do you much good unless it is well-maintained. Proper maintenance of a portable unit will not only increase its lifespan but also will enhance its overall efficiency.

There are some tips that will help you take good care of your portable air conditioner. Let us explore some of those ways that will help in increasing the life span of the unit. They are the following:

It is important that attention is paid to the position of the portable air conditioning unit. As the unit can be moved from one place to the other, one should avoid placing it in a room which is dusty because the dust particles will coat the unit’s motor and it will be clogged. This in turn will cause electrical and mechanical issues at a later stage. At the same time, if the unit is placed in a room that has too much moisture; arrangements should be made to drain that excess moisture.

Venting is an important aspect for a portable air conditioner. Proper arrangements need to be made so that the venting is adequate. If a portable unit is not properly vented chances are high that the unit will not function properly and its life span might be shortened.

In case of portable air conditioner water draining is mandatory. Once the unit starts operating, it is must that the extra water is drained as a preventive maintenance. Most of the units have a bucket area that has to be emptied on a regular basis and there are some portable units which are advanced in nature and do not require draining as most of the moisture will be evaporated.

Filters are an integral part of a portable air conditioner. It allows clean air to get inside the homes. Hence, it is important to take good care of the filters. This will allow clean air to circulate inside the house and the air conditioning unit will also last longer. Hence, it is recommended that the filters of the air conditioners are replaced at an interval of two weeks to one month and in cases where the filters are washable, they should be washed immersing them in warm water.

To keep the exterior of the portable air conditioner is an important aspect of the maintenance activity. The exterior should be gently cleaned by wiping it with a cloth and no harsh chemicals should be used. Another good option is to keep the exterior unit away from direct sunlight. This will help increasing the longevity of the unit.

Last but not the least, as a part of the maintenance activity, one should opt for professional inspection at regular intervals so that the unit has a thorough check up and if there are any minor faults it can be detected and repaired soon so that it does not become a major problem at a later stage.




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